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Productive Procrastination:  Make it work for your, not against you! By Kerul Kassel, Author of Stop Procrastinating Now - Five Radical Procrastination Strategies To Set You Free
• Do you avoid the things you need to do to achieve success?
• Do you constantly put necessary chores on hold?
• Are you an eleventh hour person?
• Has procrastination become a lifestyle?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, this book was written for you!

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Productive Procrastination Book
by Kerul Kassel
Could it actually be wise to procrastinate sometimes? This book contains the secrets to understanding when it can be productive to procrastinate, and provides strategies for switching on the inspiration and motivation to start and finish the important tasks and goals you've been putting off. Discover what procrastination really is, and what being a procrastinator means about you. Procrastination might be beneficial. Learn how to use procrastination to your advantage. Zap destructive procrastination at the root and head it off at the pass. Find out how to get things done with less struggle and resistance. If you know that what is holding you back from the success you want is that you're not doing what you know you need to do, that you're putting things off, delaying things continually, you're an eleventh hour person, or if you think procrastinator is your middle name, this book was written for you.

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Introducing Kerul Kassel's latest book, Productive Procrastination. Kerul Kassel is the Procrastination Nichepert, quoted in Time Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, and all over the internet.
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